Monday, June 24, 2013

Got Email Encryption?

Got Email Encryption Software? Got The RightPI?

In this day of government and corporate "data breaches" people and companies are learning more and more why they need to get educated on data and information security. Companies like Symantec and web based email solution companies like Enigmail, TrueCrypt and HushMail are the new rage. With the emergence of the Cloud in the digital age and corporations (including governments globally) moving more and more data into secure servers and relying less and less on paper records, these types of companies are now growing exponentially overnight.

If when you hear words like cryptographic hash, compliance based reporting, and post-prism world and it sounds like someone is speaking Greek to you (and you don't speak Greek obviously), then you may want to visit Symantec's site below and watch a few videos on Email & Drive Encryption to brush up on this. More and more companies and organizations are taking their data security seriously and it is about time. We are not a re-seller for Symantec and their products, but they are one of the best data security providers on the market and this company is just one example of how you can protect yourself and your clients from unwarranted security breaches. Watch the video on their site and learn how.

Right Path Investigations is in the business of information and we encrypt our communications with our clients and partners on a regular basis. Just spreading the word on this hot topic and we wouldn't be doing our due diligence on the matter if we weren't sharing the info with you. ~ The RightPI