Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have you done your "Due Dilligence?"

Have you done adequate due diligence on your new clients and customers. In today's information age you could be liable for handing over sensitive and personal information to the wrong person. You may get scammed or be the victim of the next con. 

Parties involved in a business transaction may find themselves being sued by their clients, investors, customers, employees, suppliers, or other third parties asserting failure to conduct proper due diligence or pursuing a liability that was overlooked or incorrectly assessed by due diligence. In this litigious world, you can be sued for just about anything and failing to conduct due diligence is no exception.

Do you know what questions to ask based on the business transaction or client interaction you are about to initiate? Are you an attorney and about to hire that big client? Are you a landlord about to rent your home?

If you are you in the process of  buying or selling property, negotiating a deal, perform any financial transactions, going to purchase, sell, or form a business, Invest and or enter into any kind of legal agreement you should contact us so we can check out your situation. It is important to know that every transaction and situation is unique and will need to be handled differently.

There are great resources out there on the internet on conducting due diligence. One can even dedicate too much time to due diligence for a particular transaction. If you need help or assistance to answer any of the above questions I would be happy to help point you in the right direction.

Contact Right Path Investigations at the link below and request a Confidential Client Interview with our Director of Operations. We will get you on the "Right Path" to the information you are looking for.

http://www.rightpi.com/request                                                                 Author:  Jeff Berns "The RightPI"
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