Thursday, April 21, 2011

Companies Offer Securitization Audits w/o Current Successful Case References?

Author: Jeff Berns "The RightPI"
Sources: California DRE, Credit
April 21st, 2011
Unethical & Unlicensed Activity of Companies Offer Securitization Audits w/o Current Successful Case References. Question to Ask Your Auditor before you write and mail that check: " Where are the Current Case Examples?"
Have you read about the "Ibanez Case" in Massachussetts? The case involves an issue of the Chain of Title and in this case the actual audit of the securitization process is critical to identifying who holds title and who has the legal standing to foreclose.
If you are in the market for a "Securitization Audit" or a "Forensic Loan Audit" services for yourself or a client, make sure you know who you are hiring and doing business with, or you may be their next victim. Ask for the specific names of people and cases that these "Audits" have actually been introduced as evidence in court.  Have they helped an attorney in foreclosure defense or a bankruptcy case? This might be critical to ask and to find out before spending your hard earned money.

Just having your Audit introduced as evidence is not enough if it leads to you or your client's foreclosure defense suit being dismissed. Unfortunately there are many companies and individuals out there producing flashy looking reports that have little or no value to the attorney litigating these cases. It has become so bad and prevalent in California that the Department of Real Estate (DRE) has had to issue a consumer alerts and warnings.

In some reports words are incorrectly spelled and the author's can't write a grammatically correct paragraph, much less a court ready legal summary or report. You can check current cases by searching (in many counties, even free) County Court Indexes or by signing up for Pacer (US Federal Court Search Site). If you need help with this email us or chime in on our "Ask The RightPI" Blog (Link Below)

For an administrative fee (2 hour minimum) Right Path Investigations can do a quick court check on whoever you plan on hiring. If you have been a victim of a particular individual or company we would like to hear from you. We'll help if we can. We may save you hundreds of dollars by doing so. If you need a more detailed investigation then contact us and we can make suggestions and recommendations based on your specific situation. We are not attorneys nor do we give legal advice. We do work closely with local, experienced real estate and bankruptcy, criminal and civil attorneys.

We also welcome your attorney calling us so we can discuss our Intensive SAIR and what investigation can be done.  Actually tracking down the legal holder of the note, the deed of trust, the documents needed to prove if and when the chain of title has or has not been broken, involves a much more in depth investigation. We recommend you contact an experienced real estate attorney if you believe this has happened and is your situation.

This post has been written to help educate homeowners and the public on Securitization Audits, Forensic Loan Audits. These Audit Reports have been finding their way into the courtroom. Getting in the door in court just isn't enough. The door will be slammed on you by the judge if you have been provided a useless report. Don't be afraid to ask the tough questions before you write your check for an Audit. If you have more questions: Follow our Blog "Ask The RightPI" on the web at


Jeff Berns "The RightPI"
CEO/Director of Operations
Right Path Investigations. CA lic# 21832
Former Criminal Investigator, County of Sacramento, Former Insurance Adjuster

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